2005 - 2014 Cairo - Cairo is the political, economic and cultural center of Egypt and the Arab world and is located in the valley of the Nile, the world's longest, but not the most water-rich river. The city center can be roughly divided into a traditional and a modern part. The Egyptian Museum on Thair Platz is one of the most famous museums in Cairo.

Pyramids of Giza - The pyramids near Cairo are among the most famous structures of mankind. A must on every trip to Cairo.

Sphinx - The great Sphinx of Giza is probably the most famous and largest sphinx and has been rising out of the sand of the Egyptian desert for more than four and a half millennia. It represents a lying lion with a human head.

Nile - The Nile is a river in Africa. It rises in the mountains of Rwanda and Burundi, then flows through Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan and Sudan before flowing into the Mediterranean in Egypt and is the longest river on earth at 6852 km. Most of the cruises on the Nile are between Luxor and Aswan. Most of Egypt's sights are also on this route.