2008 - Bon Um Tok - The Phom Penh Water Festival is held annually. The water flows from the Mekong River into the Tonle Sap River like a backwater basin. When the dry season begins in Cambodia, the current changes and the water flows in the opposite direction back into the Mekong. Just when this reversal takes place, the water festival also begins. In addition to boat races on the two rivers, there are also fireworks, numerous parades, picnics and much more. instead of. This makes the water festival probably the only festival in Phom Penh that goes hand in hand with such a party atmosphere and colorful parades. What is going on here is overwhelming. People go up and down the river day and night ... there are hundreds of thousands ... The point is that the river changes the direction of flow when the moon is full! Strange but true. A river that then flows in a different direction?