digital art

Definition - Digital art or digital art, often used synonymously with computer art, are collective terms in common parlance for art that is created digitally with the computer. In a narrower sense, it is art that has only become possible through the specific properties of digital media, for example the ability to count all information, its separability from a certain data carrier or the use of algorithms. - It was not until the 1990s that the term digital art became common.


... if the cause and connection are clear to you, you know why you have attracted certain events, people and behaviors and can then turn away.


If you have understood addiction as a disease, you will have to realize that you cannot help people without losing yourself ...


Surrender doesn't necessarily mean submission ... we just realized that we are no longer ready to fight facts ...

Not love meets love

Many of the negative events are relativized and interpreted with understanding, as a way of showing love that is in reality replaceable at any time.,


.. never abuse the people who have forgiven YOU a thousand times, because at some point they will also let you down ..


... again and again people have tied you up in your life who did not suit you, but with each liberation you get closer to your destiny ...


... what you demand from a person bindingly, you should also be ready to be able to realize yourself ...


For fear of facing the problem, you can always flee ... but you will not find your inner fulfillment that way ...


You have found your inner vibration, your balance and now you are suddenly faced with emotions that you cannot allow yourself to be without hurting yourself again.


Power only lasts as long as conscience and empathy are marginalized ....


... when self-knowledge has replaced powerlessness and we no longer live in the hope of having to influence what happens, we can finally free ourselves from dependency


Do not hold onto moments that made you happy in the past .... Do not dream any more about the plans of your past future .... Redesign your life in the here & now ....!

Key answer

Try to be grateful to the people who have accompanied you a bit in your life, but appreciate and look forward to the intense encounters that will come ...


... in a vulnerable impartiality you grasp every moment anew and this is how your reality reveals itself


The more difficult it is to turn away from negative situations and circumstances, the more urgent it is to break these connections.

Locked door

... even the strong, self-confident and betrayed women fall for a narcissist again and open the doors that were so closed for him ...

Wreath of thorns

Even if your path is littered with thorns, with the decision you have already overcome the most arduous section


Intuitive insights reveal the reality we were looking for and connect us to the universe.


... thoughtlessness cannot be explained by stupidity or accidental randomness ...


... when you lose your fear and have the courage to leave everything known and familiar behind you, a completely new world opens up.

Soap bubbles

Soap bubbles reflect the past for a short moment, which you can no longer grasp because in reality they burst in their color lease after a few seconds ...


... create a vision of what belongs to you and give the longing space and time so that it can be realized in your life ...

Allowing powerlessness

Things that we cannot influence, which are not in our power, we should let go and hand them over to the universe ... (first step)

The 7th man

7 a magical and mystical number ... which quickly enchants and seduces the seventh man in abundance and perfection.


Be honest with yourself, how many times have you forgiven yourself even though you vowed not to do it anymore ...

In the cage

... the golden cage ...

let go in LOVE ...

simple words - which are so difficult to implement ... reflect the feeling of vulnerability - the powerlessness that remains .... but also the countless new possibilities - the development that brings you closer to your own personality to recognize things ... the take no further space in your life ...

Information about the works of art

All works of art shown here are printed on Alu Dibond (surface sealed glossy)


Size approx 100 x 70 landscape format - approx 70 x 100 portrait format

Edition: 12/1 - hand-signed with certificate

Price: 590, - Euro without shipping + VAT.