Jutta C. Beyer

For me, art means that I immerse myself in another world, forget everything around me, have a free mind and concentrate on the moment. The flow experiences combine with my passion: art and artistic work are part of me. In the mid-80s I started oil painting and painted large-format works, pictures that leave space, width, size, which had an effect in my first exhibitions.


As with my pictures, photography is a way for me to express myself and to convey messages. On my travels I capture special motifs that are unusual, motifs that reflect special details, unusual situations that I discover, people that I observe before I capture the moment. I fell in love with photography, first analogue and later digitally in the field of advertising for customers at home and abroad.


Thanks to many workshops in the experimental area of ​​nude photography, I have further developed and combined these different art forms (oil painting - nude photography - travel photography) for myself.


My works, which I am now presenting here, are a symbiosis of my artistic work, abstract oil painting and myself.